Why I Support Paris Saint-Germain

My name is Hugo, I am from Paris, and I am a huge Paris Saint-Germain fan since childhood!

This club is everything for me, It is the club of my hometown, the club supported by my father, who gave me his passion for football and PSG when I was little. I have never left It since!

Parc des Princes

La Remontada 

My most unforgettable game experience is… tragically the Remontada! It is an awful souvenir, but It is also part of the passion I have for this club.

You can be sure that every PSG fan has a story with this game (Barcelona 6 PSG 1 - 08/03/2017), I remember crying a lot, but I guess It was for the best.

Three and a half years later we lived our first Champions League Final, which must also be one of my favourite memories.

Air Jordan Collaboration

My favourite jersey design is the first collaboration between PSG and the Jordan brand in 2018. A black jersey with a small white strip in the center.

Neymar PSG

It was during Neymar's second season, and I remember a game against Liverpool at Anfield in the beginning of the season, where we were absolutely tragic.
We were losing 2-0 at half time, I was desperate, and I look to the jersey, and I thought “yes we are losing... but we are losing with style!”

Match Day Rituals - It’s More Than Just a Game.

During and before big games I feel a lot of stress, so I like to call my cousin who is also a fan. We talk for hours about the game to come. It is a bit of a tradition now.

I also do a small prayer, hoping every year that we will go a bit further in Champions League, and eventually win it!

PSG Champions League


Who Is Your Favourite Player And Why?

If there can only be one, I will choose Zlatan Ibrahimovic. I grew up with him being in the biggest club in Europe, and I was an huge admirer of the player and the man. I loved his personality and his fighting spirit as much as I loved how he played. He was such a spectacular striker to watch.

I was also an huge fan of Javier Pastore, who suffered a lot of injuries during his career, but who was the true definition of an old school number 10. Fantastic player, an artist that could have been even greater had his career not been blighted by injuries.

What Does Football Mean To You And What’s Your Earliest Memory?

Football is everything to me. It was my passion growing up, and I have always dreamed to work in the area. Today I realised that dream, as I am working for a football media company and I feel really lucky every day for It.

My earliest memory of falling in love with football, well I tragically fell in love with football in a defeat… again! It was during World Cup 2006 Final, France against Italy. Zidane, who had done such a fantastic tournament lost his temper on Materazzi, and I remember everything falling apart after the penalty shootout.

This defeat gave me fire, a fire for football that I still have today!

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