S.L. Benfica 23/24 Metal Goalkeeper Jersey

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Perfectly capturing Benfica’s team spirit and the glorious passion of matchday, our buildable metal 23/24 Benfica Goalkeeper kit is the ultimate collectible for any Eagles fan! Officially licensed and only available during the 23/24 season, this Benfica Goalkeeper kit features all the details of the real shirt, right down to the fabric texture. If you’re looking for initiation into Benfica’s Goalkeepers Union or memorable Benfica gifts, then look no further! 

Easy to build in minutes, and supplied to you in exclusive Benfica packaging, each Benfica Goalkeeper kit contains: 

  • Colour-printed stainless steel sheet (simply push out the pieces to begin the assembly process) 
  • Easy-to-follow illustrated instructions (more extensive instructions are available on our website) 
  • Simple-to-use water decal sheet featuring player names and numbers, to customise your Benfica Goalkeeper kit post assembly 

Don’t miss your chance to own this long-lasting piece of The Eagles’ history. Whether it's for yourself or another devoted fan, our metal Benfica Goalkeeper kit makes the perfect Benfica gift to get your hands on.

Build Difficulty: 2/7
Assembled Height: 10.4cm

Also available as buildable S.L. Benfica 23/24 Home and Away Shirts, Goalkeeper Locker Pack and Home Shirt Locker Pack.

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Build your passion with our buildable mini metal jersey kits.

Each kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions. Making building your kit a fun experience.


Collect your passion, showcase your loyalty!

Display your teams colours at home, or bring the thrill of the game to your desk at work. Our metal jerseys are perfect display pieces.


Personalise your passion, customisation for fans!

Your team, your hero, make your jersey unique and personalise it with our player name and number decals!


Gift the Beautiful game!

Perfect to gift on any occasion, treat the football fan in your life to something extra special!

how to apply decals to your jersey

How to customise your jersey

  • Cut out the player name and number you wish to add.
  • Place in water for around 30 seconds.
  • Apply a few drops of water to where you intend to place the decal.
  • After 30 seconds, slide the decal from the paper sheet directly onto the back of the jersey.
  • Reposition if needed, then let it dry.


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